The simple yet powerful meeting structure

You need to focus on today. You need to focus on tomorrow. You need engagement from your people to get both done.

Nothing here you don’t already know.  So….

Need a method? Just schedule these meetings. Things will be better.

Weekly: Optimisation meeting.

Get together to look at graphs that show performance according to customer experience, cost and sustainability. Resolve issues and monitor the effects of changes you have been making.

The question here: how do we make this show run as it was intended?

Monthly to Quarterly: Full system meeting.

Get together to look at longer term trends in the graphs that might suggest that something strange is afoot at the Circle K. This is about questioning the assumptions your system is based upon.

The question here: is the way the very show is set up no longer making sense given what we now know?

Quarterly – Yearly: Value meeting.

Get together to look at graphs over longer periods AND external environmental trends to question whether what the system actually provides to who is still creating value.

The question here is: Are we in danger of running an efficient horse & cart factory in the age of driverless vehicle?

Seem hierarchical? It is! Decisions are like that.  Nature is like that!  Forests and trees!

But….while accountability for the decision might change depending on forum…there’s no reason participants need to.

Communication and engagement improved.  Tick.

Decisions getting made for both now and the future.  Tick.

Just schedule them.

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