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Personal note from me

Adam 3

Hi all,

Slight change to usual, a personal note from me.

I’m heading off on holiday, you’ll next hear from me in September.

It’s been a pleasure to write for each of you over the year, both clients who are subscribers and other interested readers.  You would have gathered that effective organisations and leadership are not mysterious concepts shrouded in the world of psychology and charisma, instead they are like bridges – you can design and build them any way you want, but if you want it to carry the traffic successfully from one side to the other, there are some basics you are going to need to pay attention to. Read more…

The Frontline Manager

Last week we discussed the specific role of the Team Leader, and how this is not a level of management.  This time we will look specifically at the first level of management, the Frontline Manager.

This role is often known simply as ‘Manager’, as in ‘Sales Manager’ or ‘Call Centre Manager’.  Some organisations, however, add to the fun by giving this role the title of Team Leader, Supervisor or Coordinator.  I have seen this done for a range of reasons, with the most insidious being due to having too may layers of management in the first place, so we simply run out of titles.

Whatever we call it, the Frontline Manager Read more…