Retention Strategy? No! Do this instead.

(Prefer to watch rather than read? Click here, 5 mins, with captions.)

“We need a retention strategy”.  A common cry.

The thing is…you don’t.  What you need is to set things up so talented people want to stay.  And the good news is…they are the same things that make your organisation productive.

Which is good.

There are just two things:

  1. People can use their abilities to be useful
  2. People don’t mind who they are working with.

That’s it!

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Don’t Bother the Barista – make any work system better

Prefer to watch on video than read?  Click here, 6 mins with captions.

If you’ve been with me for a while, chances are I’ve run through this with you.  The purpose of this is to put it all in the one spot.

This is about understanding the focussing point required to get any system (any system) to work better.  And by ‘better’, I mean better for customers, better for those working in it, and better for the bank balance and purpose of the organisation too.

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Have you heard of Personal Kanban?

School holidays are here, so I’m taking a short break from videos and articles.

But…there’s still something I’d like you to know about – it’s called Personal Kanban, by Jim Benson.

(The Muppets guy was Jim Henson. ‘H’)

Literally translated to ‘signboard’, ‘kanban’ started from Japanese production in the 1950s, with the key concept being that work is ‘pulled’ when there is a need for it. In the case of cars, this starts from a customer order.

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