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See the whole board

Some people just get it.  When faced with decisions they seem to see what others can’t.   One second before they gave their view, you were floundering, not sure which way to go.  Now it seems so obvious it’s almost embarrassing.

We know this ability when we see it.  Here’s a 3-minute clip so you can see an example for yourself (link here if you can’t see anything):

At 2:20 Sam Seaborn says “I don’t know the word”, as he’s trying to work out how President Bartlet pieces it all together.

Well….there is a word.  Two words.  It’s called cognitive capability, Read more…

How to create organisational silos

Silos - you can do it

If a siloed organisation is what you’re after, here’s how to go about doing it.    The only pre-requisite to being able to form silos is people who have a genuine urge to get work done and who care for the organisation.  Don’t worry, we’ll set it up so these natural instincts are naturally turned toward silo behaviour. Read more…

Politics at work start early

Politics - embedded

Here’s four quick quotes from current jobs being advertised, spot the common word:

  • “You will posses demonstrated leadership, influencing and negotiation skills”
  • “…excellent communication and influencing skills”
  • “..combine specialist knowledge with strong management and influencing skills”
  • “Excellent communication and influencing skills at all levels”.

All of these jobs are operational or audit roles, not sales or business development.  Which means the people they are influencing are internal people in the same organisation.  We have set up a political organisation from the start.

Read more…