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Move Laterally – A Common Sense Project Lesson from Matthew McConaughey

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When you’re feeling the overwhelm, the pressure, and you need a way to make projects run better in your organisation…who do you turn to?

Matthew MConaughey of course!

Hang with me here – check out the below, McConaughey from an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, with my emphasis:

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More Projects Delivered with Less Stress – Part 2: The Practicalities

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Last time I went through the principles which simply let you deliver more projects with less stress.

Yes, totally true.  Read it here.

The super-short summary is that by lining them up and focusing on finishing instead of starting, you get benefits earlier which lowers stress and interruption, while also reducing switching cost.  It’s one of the key aspects of the method I call The Project Factory.™  

Here’s a picture of the principle:

I finished by saying: “I know what you’re thinking – ‘great, but that’s not how the real world works’

I know – I live in it too.  Which is why there’s a Part II to this article coming soon…”

Which is what you’re reading right now.

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Have you heard of Personal Kanban?

School holidays are here, so I’m taking a short break from videos and articles.

But…there’s still something I’d like you to know about – it’s called Personal Kanban, by Jim Benson.

(The Muppets guy was Jim Henson. ‘H’)

Literally translated to ‘signboard’, ‘kanban’ started from Japanese production in the 1950s, with the key concept being that work is ‘pulled’ when there is a need for it. In the case of cars, this starts from a customer order.

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