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Not enough to just start them driving


Start driving.  I’ll let you know if you’re going in the wrong way at the wrong speed“.

I see this a lot.  It might not look like this at first, but it’s exactly the same.  I see it in position descriptions:

  • “This role exists to produce frameworks and strategies…”
  • “The role includes analysis of reports and producing of recommendations….”
  • “The incumbent will demonstrate their skill in influencing and negotiation…”

And I see it when people are given work:

  • “Could you have a look at that article….”
  • “Draft up a paper which looks at the options….”
  • “Put together a policy on how recruitment will work…”

What’s missing from all of the above is what we are actually trying to achieve here, and why. Read more…

Improving processes? This first…


Processes in your business are what makes a customer requirement a non-surprising event – your people know what to do to hit the expectations that you’ve put out into the market.  They know what comes first, what comes next, who does what, what they use, and it all flows like a swift-moving happy river to the sea no matter what.



I know a couple of outstanding improvement specialists who have never come across a business process where they didn’t create significant ROI for their clients, and when I ask them how they do it, the answer is “we look”. Read more…

Behaviours, competencies and all that

I’m often asked about competencies, usually in the context of putting together clear role descriptions to create a work system that will deliver what is needed.

Competencies are to role descriptions what the mission statement is to organisational purpose – a well-intentioned beginning that has become a bland wishlist of generic points that will neither offend nor inspire anyone.

We need to be serve our people better than this.  Here’s a way to do it that makes life easier for everyone, using categories that are direct, actionable and treat people like adults

Put together roles that cover the below:

1) Unique Value-Add or Purpose – 1-3 sentences on what the role exists to do, including what level of work. Read more…