The highest returning recognition program I know


Recognition programs.  We make them hard.  And we make excuses.  Meanwhile our people, who are actual human beings, would simply like to be recognised for what they are doing.

So while you’re waiting for the ‘reward and recognition program’ which you know is never going to emerge,  lets get on with it.  Here’s a simple recognition program that simply works; it has the highest rate of return I know:

  1. Hand out a block of 50 post-it notes to each manager
  2. The  use of them is for their people to unexpectedly find, whenever they have done something that was particularly effective, a post-it  on their screen saying  ‘great work on [INSERT CURRENT INITIATIVE], thank you’.
  3. Inform each manager that the block needs to be used over the coming 12 months, and it has to be for actual effective performance.

That’s it!  

Do not get official company branded post-its made.  And no templates allowed.  These will kill the effect of the post-it.  And do not ‘launch’ this program or announce it in any way.  This will also ruin any genuine thanks or appreciation.

Just start with your own managers and hand them their post-its.  Then start doing it.

What’s the cost of this program?  3 cents per throw.  If you know of a recognition program that returns at a better rate than this, I’d like to know about it.

DO IT NOW:  Click on to your company procurement system and order up a block of post-its.  It might be the highest returning investment you make all year.


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