Some Radical Common Sense

School holidays means the chance for me to hang out with my kids, so the next video will be out next week. (I’ll be covering innovation – what it is, what you need to keep an eye on to make it work.)

So this week, it’s just some radical common sense to ponder…

Work is all about relationships. This is because everyone is producing something for someone. There’s no choice in this. So get better at getting along with people.

Work is all about delivering something. This is because everyone is producing something for someone. There’s no choice in this. So get better at producing whatever you are producing.

You’ve got too much on. As an individual, as a team, as an organisation. Someone, somewhere, has to say ‘not by that date’. It would be great if your boss would. They are thinking exactly the same for their boss. Right up to the top. So no one will. It might as well be you.

You are the culture, and you’re creating it in every conversation, every room, and in every communication. Change any of these, and you change the culture. You are not as powerless as you’d like to be (yes, that’s the sentence I meant to write).

We all know that the system doesn’t work as well as it should, and that some people are self-serving, and that personalities play as big a role as performance. It’s no achievement pointing that out. Even less so if you have some talent. If you’re that good, use your talent to make systemic change, one action at a time. Or…at least stop bringing everyone around you down.

And remember you have a job. And that actually getting sacked is pretty hard. So treat what you want to happen as a preference, not as a right, work hard, and enjoy the company of those around you who you enjoy the company of.

Have a good rest of the week, and you’ll have a new video and article next Tuesday.

Best wishes,

PS – regular readers of my work – your comments, feedback and support…it means a lot. And for those I work directly with – it’s an honour to help you. Thank you!

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