Something to listen to…

Hey, I’m still on a break, but thanks to post scheduling, I’ve still got something for you…from me. And a colleague…

It’s…the episode I did with Daniel Franco a few months ago on his Creating Synergy podcast. Along with the wonderful Michelle Holland, he’s a Director of SynergyIQ where I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We covered a range of stuff on why organisations do and don’t work, and I had a great time talking to Daniel who totally knows what he’s doing to get a guest talking away and enjoying themselves.

If you’re reading this on your phone, depending on your preferred method:

Click here for Apple Podcast

Click here for Spotify Podcast

Click here for Google Podcast

…or type “creating synergy adam” into your Search box.

I’m sure you won’t find it as weird to listen to as I always do when I hear myself!

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