Personal note from me

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Hi all,

Slight change to usual, a personal note from me.

I’m heading off on holiday, you’ll next hear from me in September.

It’s been a pleasure to write for each of you over the year, both clients who are subscribers and other interested readers.  You would have gathered that effective organisations and leadership are not mysterious concepts shrouded in the world of psychology and charisma, instead they are like bridges – you can design and build them any way you want, but if you want it to carry the traffic successfully from one side to the other, there are some basics you are going to need to pay attention to.

The Golden Gate Bridge and the bridge over the Murray in Swan Hill follow the same principles, and those principles were there well before the bridge was!  They exist in nature.  And so do we, and so do organisations.

The act of learning and implementing these basics are what lifts organisations into the stratosphere.  This is what I teach and assist with.  High performance is actually just performance, with most organisations sadly well below this level.  Why is this sad?  Because parents would be going home to their kids in a much better state if they didn’t have to fight through structural and leadership confusion every day.  That’s why as a manager you must care about how structure and leadership really creates or erodes the environment.  You need to know this stuff.   It’s about how work works, not psychology.  Leave the latter to the psychologists while you concentrate on being a manager.

A lot of my work is part of The Working Journey, the consultancy set up in 2001 by the wonderful and inspirational combination of Andrew Olivier and Verena MacLean.  Along with Dr. Bruce Whitby in Sydney, we are now helping many small, medium and large organisations get set up with structure and leadership so their people are able to apply their natural talents to execute the CEO’s plan.   Our winter newsletter came out today, click here to have a read.

The other thing is that there will be a User Group Meeting in Adelaide from 11th to 13th of November.  We are bringing our clients together to learn from each other, and are also inviting others who want to learn more about Organisational and Leadership Effectiveness.  There will be a number of CEOs, other Executives and Board Members attending.  See page 2 on the newsletter for more information.

That’s all from me, thank you once again, and you’ll be hearing from me in September.

Best wishes,


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