What is Zen Organisations


I’m no expert on Zen, and I apologise to those who are.  But I do know what Zen means to me – it is when we get out of our own way.  It is about the concept of being actually present, engaged  - not to mean not trying, but to not be fighting an internal battle.

A lot of organisations are fighting internal battles.  People against people, departments against departments, managers against people and people against managers.  Meanwhile, the customer waits.

Years of research and my own work has shown that certain practices and concepts, when applied, can have the effect of reducing and eliminating these battles.   Like a chiropractic adjustment and massage at the same time, the organisation can loosen up and the internal battles stop.

This is what I do for a living – help executives and owners of businesses make the adjustments that have their people talking about ‘this customer’ and ‘that market’ instead of ‘this place’ and ‘that department’.

This website will give you some insight into where these battles come from and what can be done about them.  Those in the know will recognise a lot of the theory of Requisite Organisation from Elliott Jaques, who provided considerable research into the workplace and why it works as it does.  The work of Jaques and Clement in the book ‘Executive Leadership‘ deserves special mention.

I am also indebted to my friends and business partners Andrew Olivier and Verena Maclean.   Their Working Journey business, which I am grateful to now be a partner in, has provided me with a level of knowledge over the years that no book could ever provide.  That being said, Andrew’s two books The Working Journey and Organisational Design: What Your University Forgot to Teach You are must-reads.

All the best with making your area, department or organisation move out of the internal and on toward the customers and market.

Let me know how you go; if you’d like to send me an email, click here, or follow me on LinkedIn.

Best wishes,